The word ANAHATA (SANSKRIT: Heart) originates from Sanskrit, the old and holy language of India. The heart chakra is called “Anahata” which means unharmed or unbroken. The heart chakra is also the love center of the human energy system. In the middle, lies the unconditional love. The unconditional love is a very creative and powerful energy, which can accompany and help us in the difficult phases of the current era of transformation. On a global level many emotions like love, grief, loneliness, total exhaustion, pain and fear can be felt within this energy vortex.

FLOW is a holistic experience drawing attention solely to the exercise. In this state of consciousness the person doing the exercise feels permeated by a feeling of powerful centering – a state of total involvement and happiness. The essential quality of Flow is getting absorbed by action.

ANAHATAFLOW helps people to connect with their own heart flow. When the frequency of our physical heart is in harmony with the frequency of the universal / energetic heart, we can experience us at our highest potential and enjoy our lives. Energy based self-healing therapies with focus on a balanced Anahata-Chakra are the strongest and purest forms of healing. After breathing, food ingestion plays a pivotal role for body and soul. The food interacts about seven hours with the body from the first moment of intake to the moment of excretion and triggers processes that influence our life energy.

ANAHATAFLOW aims at activating a healthy digestion as well as self-healing powers through techniques based on the three pillars of the old and nature related science of life:



ANAHATAFLOW is a statement of love to the life, the universe and every soul on this planet, with the expression of the innocence and happiness of a cosmic child embodied by the old wisdom of the Ayurveda (Sanskrit: Ayur = Life, Veda = Science).

ANAHATAFLOW aims at learning the true nature of ourselves , individual and collective – with regard to the children of this world and the inner child in every human being.

At the moment lots of dramas happen: Terrorism, natural disasters like earth quakes and floods, waves of refugees driven by the desire to have a better, easier life, define our time. Financial crises overshadow our daily lives and family crises our hearts.

Especially in this dark phase ANAHATAFLOW is to be understood as a universal movement, radiating unconditional love from the holy room of heart consciousness, bringing together international and interdisciplinary working experts to find holistic solutions to the social problems that we have to face.


Connecting every being with the essential, the true nature to achieve the best version of oneself.

Cultivating a consciousness that connects with the universal consciousness of everything that is.

Serving the children of this world and to foster them holistically with the help of Ayurvedic knowledge and to bring them happiness and inner strength again.

Inviting you to connect with the magic of the here and now and to use the five guiding principles of


• Be the change, that you want in life
• Enjoy the journey of life
• Foster the flow of love, peace, happiness and harmony
• Stay authentic
• Share with happiness

Apart from any confessional, political, philosophical and ideological or economic structure or movement, unconditional love, as the essence of life, is able to use the universal wisdom to foster the process of the natural self-cleaning of the consciousness as well as to align the heart frequency of every soul to the universal heart frequency.

The great vision is to found academies where children can learn to experience the Alchemy of life, so they can become and act as responsible adults as “AMBASSADORS OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” in their daily life.

May the pure light of my anahata vibrate love & light in a flow of 108 cascades of blessings upon you.