Experience the Highlight of our sensART programme “Decode your inner DaVINCI”.

SensART is a playful way to enter the unique sacred geometry you are made of and unlock your inner natural intelligence through the 5 senses. Let us take you on a journey beyond thoughts and limitations into the essence of creation, time itself and express new possibilities. Each day you will activate with us a new portal of your creative field.

Embrace the healing power of touch. Touch is fundamental to health and wellbeing. The air principle relates to the parasympathetic nervous system. As much as your body get stimulated through therapeutic touch or massage, we need to get in conscious healing touch with our energetical or mental aspect of being. 

Recall for a moment the scent of the earth after the first spring rain, the aroma of a homemade meal at your grandmother’s house or the fragrance of a new born baby. Our sense of smell connects us directly with our emotions, memories and instincts. Through a process known as neuro-associative conditioning, we can link a healing response to the experience of particular smell.

Taste is perhaps the most immediately gratifying sense, and the one that can get us into the most trouble. The paradox of taste is that it also can be a powerful healing tool. Feelings, like food come in a variety of flavors. Rasa, the Ayurvedic word for taste, also means emotion or mood. Only when we have the experience of all six tastes, we do feel completely satisfied after a meal.

The images that enter through our eyes have a profound effect on our body, mind, and emotions. We can improve our wellbeing and enhance our living working environments through the creative use of color. While gazing at a beautiful sunset, we generate soothing, pleasurable chemicals. Since the age of the cavemen and cavewomen, symbols and visual patterns have had a powerful effect on the mind.

Sound can be used to create harmony and coherence within our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Music is a universal healing language and has profound influence on our mind and body. Uplifting music enlivens us when we are feeling lethargic or depressed, while gentle melodies soothe us when we are feeling anxious. We will explore how different form of music can be healing, relaxing and beneficial in all circumstances.

Decode Your Inner Davinci & Find The Change Within Yourself

What Our Founder Magali Thinks

We are all seekers of something whether that is Beauty, Magic, Truth, Real Authentic Experiences, a Better Life, A Higher Life or the reason of life.

I wanted to find the answers about our destiny and destination, as well as the answers to our “W” questions:
– Why am I here?
– Where do I come from?
– What if or what’s next?
– Who do I lean on and trust? And so on…

After being tired of feeling run down and facing toxic emotions like anger, hate and ignorance I decided to do something about it. I was disconnected from my own body. I lived in a fake life with and urgent need to heal my body, mind, spirit and most importantly my heart. I was Seeking useful tools to find peace with myself.

LYLIS is a program which is truly the logical result of my journey, including more than 10 years of travelling around the world gathering certifications from some unknown as well as some of the most popular and renowned influencers of our time.

LYLIS, my REBIRTH, is the synthesis of the alchemy of my personal golden ratio, including the best remedies that helped me to recover on a cellular level from my physical and spiritual journey through traumas, toxicity and self-destructive patterns. From 4tsd meters high in the sky toward 18 meters under water: this is the journey you can embark on with me. I have created efficient and simple tools for everyday use that will allow you to decode the secret of finding your individual formula toward truth and to answer the simple life questions that have such a huge impact on our behaviors and life.