Hello and welcome to the terms and conditions page of LYLIS.

I wanted to make this terms, conditions and rivacy page so we can try to get as clear as possible about some things that might pop up as we head on this journey together. 


Of course, if something occurs that isn’t covered by something you see here, reach out to us at: magali@lylis.eu


So to minimize confusion and maximize mutual understanding, I am sharing with you the ‘House Rules’ for interacting with me or anyone working with me, working at ANAHATAFLOW or otherwise affiliated with LYLIS.  

Because this is so important, you are required to agree and abide by each and all of the ules below to use this website and/or any of what is offered through it. 


This is so important that if you don’t agree, you don’t have permission to continue use. So …PLEASE READ THESE ‘TERMS, CONDITIONS, PRIVACY … AND MORE’ CAREFULLY.


  1.                 You must agree to the terms, conditions, rules and other legal stuff (from here on I’ll refer to all of them as the ‘Rules’) to use this website, programs, services and the offerings I, we and/or Magali Mazzei provide or make available. That means that these Rules govern the use of this website, the places listed under “Ownership” below, and any place where I, we and/or Magali Mazzei delivers content, programs, or services, including via a virtual workshop, in-person workshop, membership site, Academy, content, material, live programs, coaching services, advice or in any other format, and whether offered digitally, in-person, over the phone, online or in some other format. 

  1.               You are not permitted to use this website, programs, services or other offerings we, I and/or Magali Mazzei makes available – regardless of what it is, how it is delivered or by whom – unless and until you understand, agree and consent to these rules.  

By using this site, the programs, a workshop and/or services offered, or by investing in yourself through purchasing a service, workshop experience, program, content or other material, you agree to these rules, including any changes that come at any time (even if you haven’t reviewed them, don’t know about them or weren’t notified). There may be more such rules provided along with the programs, workshops, services and offerings and any such rule also require your agreement to them. They count too.     

It’s this simple: if you don’t agree with each and all the rules, you don’t have permission to use any of this website, and/or the workshops, programs, services or other offerings made available by me, us and/or Magali Mazzei.  Period.




Using any of the information, workshops, educational material, workshops, templates, handouts, training, services, the website or anything else offered by me, us and/or Magali Mazzei, you understand, agree and consent to each of these terms of use.

 III.           Magali Mazzei is in the business of providing people with information, education, emotional care and hopefully a little companionship and entertainment.  We do so largely, although not exclusively, via Done-For-You work, digital offerings, including courses, teachings, workshop-like presence, website, workshop experience or membership site, and/or live events, through which information and/or educational content can be delivered. Usually, although not always, it is delivered either one-on-one or through a group virtual experience.  Every once in a while, we deliver it in person.


  1.           Your access to and use of my, our and/or Magali Mazzei’s work, information, workshops, templates, handouts, programs, services, events or other material, or any part of them, as well as all related programs operated by me, we and/or Magali Mazzei’s, are subject to the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) and all applicable laws. By accessing and browsing the Site, or any information on it, you accept, without limitation or qualification, the Terms of Use and acknowledge that any other agreements between you and me, we and/or Magali Mazzei are superseded and of no force or effect.

  1.                 V. CONTACT:

                   The place to contact me, us and/or Magali Mazzei, or to serve any notices, is:




Send all information or inquiries to:        

LYLIS L’atelier, 

Mrs. Magali MAZZEI, 

201 Chemin de la Blacasse, 

F-06600 Antibes  

eMail: magali@lylis.eu

Phone number:     +33 (0)4 93 43 64 39


  1. Ownership, language and other ‘stuff’:  These rules apply to any and/or all of the websites, workshops, programs, events, offerings, work and/or services that have been in the past, are presently, or at some point in the future are owned, operated, managed, hosted or provided, in whole or in part, by and/or through me, us and/or Magali Mazzei unless otherwise specifically stated to the contrary. 

I will be using when referring to me, we, and/or Magali Mazzei, and/or we, the terms ‘I,” “me,””we,” and/or “my” or “our” as well as Magali Mazzei, often interchangeably, and such use will individually and collectively mean “I,” “me” or “my” as well as “us, “we” and/or “our” together and separately, and each of them.  

I will also use LYLIS and/or Magali Mazzei, and this too will individually and collectively mean ‘I,””me,””we,””my,””our” and also the Magali Mazzei’s team, employees, contractors and those who do work for and/or with me, we and/or us. 

Ownership of any and all of the material I provide, including but is not limited to components, segments, training and material that I license anyone to use, and any other site, program, workshop, material, offering and/or service I own or come to own, is owned by me.  I do not own under the terms provided here any sites I reference, link to or talk about that are not owned by me or licensed to me for my use. 

  1.     Updates:  I update the rules on this page from time to time.  While I might send out an email or post in social media or release something saying that I’ve updated them, for the most part they’ll just be updated and I won’t send anything out.  So check back here regularly and often. When an update is made and posted here, it will be effective immediately unless otherwise stated. If you use the site after the update, you have agreed to the new terms even if you did not review them.  I reserve the right to change these Rules at any time, without notice and at our sole discretion. 

  1.     Disclaimers 

Please understand that I, we and/or the Magali Mazzei do not believe in get rich quick schemes, the easy path, educational miracle pills, pyramid schemes, overnight success, instantaneous education gratification and other rags to riches promises.  These are often used to prey on the unsuspecting… and I don’t agree with that. I, we and Magali Mazzei does not offer such. Those gimmicks really bother us. If you are considering… or already have … signed up because you want a miracle with no effort on your part, please understand that you have engaged in a process toward wanted!

 I, we and/or Magali Mazzei offer information of an informative, educational nature with an eye toward art, science, entertainment and within a framework and mindset embracing growth.

 Also, we here at LYLIS really step away when people pretend to be an expert in areas where they clearly are not.  As such, even though one or more financial advisors, tax advisors, therapists, attorneys, health care providers, relationship consultants or workshop enthusiasts might at some point now or in the future provide information or be a part of my team, Magali Mazzei does not offer nor should anything provided, referred to or that appears on or in the LYLIS website, content, programs or services be construed as offering any of the following: financial advice, tax advice, therapy, legal advice, medical advice, relationship advice or business advice. 


If you would be well served in obtaining professional advice, please get it. This is especially true for educational, financial, tax, mental health, legal, business, health and medical issues, especially since stress and other conditions may require medical attention, diagnosis and/or treatment, and relationship issues:  just for starters.

So please do not think I, we and/or Magali Mazzei, or any of us here, offer that. We don’t. Not for a moment. It also means that you and I, nor anyone who works with or for us, do not have an: accountant-client, tax-client, therapist-counselor, attorney-client, doctor-patient or marital counseling relationship that is protected by law.

Magali Mazzei does provide guarantees of satisfaction with the products, programs, workshops, events, services and offerings provided as specifically indicated with each one provided and/or identified below. Other than any such specific guarantee provided, there are no other guarantees, promises, and/or warranties, whether express or implied. That means that what is provided – whether a program, service, workshop, offering or even just plain old information, content or material – with no warranty, express or implied, and is provided “as is.”

Much as I would like everything on the websites, emails, Academy, groups, forums, events and other places where Magali Mazzei provides content to always be safely up and running error-free at all times uninterrupted no matter what, that is not possible. 

I do not guarantee, warrant or make representations of such.  

Magali Mazzei also doesn’t guarantee or warrant that the websites, Workshops, Academy, groups, forums or servers that deliver the content, programs and information will be free of harmful viruses, malware or components, or that they will always work… including when we want them to do so.  What we can guarantee given that we, and the people we work with, are human is that from time to time there will be mistakes, misunderstandings and problems. The system will at times go down, be slow or not function as Magali Mazzei wants it to do. Neither Magali Mazzei nor those who help deliver the work, websites, programs, Workshops, services and offerings guarantee, warrant or represent that it will all run smoothly, be accurate, reliable, correct or function all the time or at any given time.  As such, you assume when you use the website, Workshop, Academy, groups, forums, programs and offerings the full and complete cost of any and all servicing, repair, adjustment, update or correction to your equipment and system and understand that much though we would like to deliver exactly on time and as promised, sometimes technology, especially that connected to the internet, prevents such.

Under no circumstance will Magali Mazzei, I, our team, employees, contractors and those who do work for us on our stuff be liable for direct, indirect, special, consequential, exemplary or other damages.  You agree to that and agree that such is true regardless of the nature or degree of damage or injury, and whether the actual or claimed damage is an economic loss, impairment to business opportunity, any type of injury, illness, death or impairment to relationship.


  1.     Application of Confidentiality

You are provided with a personal, non-commercial license to use the information, material, templates, documents, advice and insights provided during, through or because of the course, webinar, event, workshop experience or our work together. That way, I can continue to provide all forms of what I do at a reasonable investment for the benefit of those we serve. As a result, you shall not, during the term of this Agreement or at any time thereafter, communicate, divulge or use for the benefit of any other person, persons, partnership, association, corporation or entity, or commercial use by you, any of my, our and/or the Magali Mazzei’s confidential or proprietary information, knowledge, advice, strategies, templates, material and/or know-how without our express written permission.  

Any and all information, knowledge, advice, strategies, templates, material and/or know-how concerning the information, program, services or other material I and/or we provide at LYLIS to you or made available to you shall be deemed confidential for purposes of this Agreement and limited to your personal use; provided, however, the parties shall not be required to treat any information as confidential information if such information:



  1.       was publicly known at the time it was disclosed or becomes publicly known after disclosure without breach here of by the receiving party;


  1.       was known by the receiving party at the time of disclosure or becomes known to it from a party other than the disclosing party who has the apparent right to disclose such information to the receiving party’s knowledge after due inquiry;


iii.       was or is independently developed by the receiving party without reliance on the disclosed confidential information;


  1.       is disclosed only to the extent necessary to obtain legal assistance or consultation;


  1.         is approved for disclosure by the disclosing party with the disclosing party’s prior written

consent; or


  1.       is disclosed by the receiving party pursuant to judicial order, to arbitration proceedings, requirement of a governmental agency or other operation of law, provided that the receiving party informs the disclosing party promptly after receiving notice of its obligation to make such disclosure, and takes reasonable steps to limit the scope of such disclosure, including to limit such disclosure to the extent necessary for the fulfillment of the order, arbitration or requirement of a governmental agency or operation of law.


  1.     Representations and Obligations:


You, except as expressly and unambiguously provided herein, represent, warrant and agree to each of the following:


  1.       You agree to act in good faith and fair dealing with me, us and/or Magali Mazzei.

  1.     You have the right to grant the rights set forth herein.

iii.      You have no contractual commitment of any kind which may prevent or interfere with the performance of any obligations hereunder.

  1.     You will not utilize, or to allow others to utilize, the LYLIS information, education, training, advice and/or material designed by Magali Mazzei for any illegal purpose or that will violate any laws, regulations, and/or other rules in any jurisdiction.
  2.       You agree not to remove or alter any copyright or other proprietary notice from Magali Mazzei or any of the LYLIS information, education, training or material, including but not limited to the training materials, templates, handouts, guides, Videos, books, products, and related resources or to, without prior written consent from Magali Mazzei, share such with third parties.

  1.       You agree not to (a) rent, lease, share or otherwise provide temporary access to Magali Mazzei’s information, education, training, templates, handouts, guides or other material (b) copy, alter or modify the James Malins information, education, training, templates, handouts, guides or other material; or, (c) allow others to do any of the foregoing.

vii.     You agree to promptly notify Magali Mazzei immediately if you become aware of any unauthorized use of the whole or any part of the LYLIS by any third party.


  1.     Fees and Payment


All fees and charges incurred in connection with your account will be billed to the credit, debit or other payment card designated during the registration process and/or subsequently designated by you, and/or to such account that you own and/or are responsible for. You may change its card details in advance of any further charge by notifying Magali Mazzei in writing with sufficient time for us to make such changes. You grant Magali Mazzei’s permission to charge your account for the amount indicated on or after the indicated dates without further or additional authorization.


  1.     Guarantee and Refund


Magali Mazzei will use our best efforts to provide you with a positive experience. To that end, full refunds may be requested within 7 days after signing up for a course, virtual experience, workshop and/or other experience provided no work, information, training, education, advice, templates or guides or other of our material has been provided.  Should you seek such a refund you must stop using any and all material provided. 


Because of the personalized nature of our done for you work (that work which we enter into an agreement with you for us to perform work, including but not limited to strategy work, advising, content creation or other work, for you), if, after we provide personalized or customized work to you that you feel this work is not for you, let me know at the contact information provided above so that we can discuss how to work towards reaching a positive resolution. 


If you attend a virtual and/or in-person event and you remove yourself from such prior to the conclusion of the first hour and without the use of any of the templates, guides, handouts or material, and you notify us in person and in writing at magali@lylis.eu of your withdrawal, we will stop any future payments without penalty or hassle.  

To treat all involved fairly, if, after your first hour in one of our workshops, you feel this package is not for you and you have used it, notify us in writing at magali@lylis.eu of your request for a refund and we shall work towards reaching a positive resolution with you.


This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the EU located in France .